At Bredi BV, we offer multiple services such as export services, transportation, shipping, export license plate, RDW and customs clearance.

Export Services

When you have bought a vehicle from us, Bredi supports you in transport. From preparing the transport to customs clearance. Our staff will be happy to tell you more about this service. Feel free to contact us. 


We can arrange transportation of your machine, semi-trailer or other vehicles. Our experience since 1993 has resulted in an extensive worldwide network of licensed transporters and drivers. At fair and competitive rates, we pick up and deliver purchased and sold vehicles to and from various worldwide ports and other destinations. 

Feel free to contact with us for more information. 


Shipping of machinery involves a lot. We assist with each client's vehicle registration, import and export to and from each country. Bredi cooperates with specialized forwarding agents and shipping companies. This way we keep track of exactly where your vehicles are and when they are delivered. 

Need more information? Please feel free to contact with us.

Export license plate

If you plan to transport your vehicle to its destination yourself, you must have an export license plate. We can arrange this export license plate quickly and easily for you. If you submit the application for an export license plate to one of our experts in time, the license plate will arrive before you pick up the vehicle.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to apply for an export license plate. 

RDW Approved

When you have bought or sold a vehicle, the registration must be changed. Bredi holds RDW recognition. With this RDW recognition, we are allowed to include a vehicle directly in our company stock, transfer a registration number to the new owner's name and carry out or terminate (in the case of export) a registration with the RDW.

The RDW is the organization that handles the registration of motorized vehicles and driving licenses in the Netherlands.

Feel free to contact with us for more information. 

Customs handling

At customs, different machines and vehicles require different documents. An example is an EX1 document (export declaration) when exporting a vehicle outside the EU. Because we have direct contact with customs and are familiar with all import and export restrictions, customs formalities and regulations, an export often goes smoothly. 



From the moment the customer has made a purchase with us, our team is focused solely on that machine.



Thanks to our specialized drivers, there are rarely delays in the delivery of machines at (international) ports and within the Benelux.



Our experience in the (international) market and our loyal customers around the world say everything about the quality we offer.

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